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Your life can be beautiful even in the midst of dark circumstances.

Support For Individuals, Families, Children, Teens and Couples

Therapist with Family

Individual Therapy

In our therapy sessions, we’ll work to solve current problems and improve positive thinking and behavior. We will help you “re-frame” your reactions and provide you with valuable tools to cope with life’s obstacles. We are confident you’ll find our personalized Individual Therapy beneficial and empowering. Get in touch to book an appointment.

Couples Therapy

Our couples therapy sessions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each couple. We take a collaborative and holistic approach, working with couples to explore their emotions, beliefs, and values. We create a safe and supportive environment where couples can share their concerns, feel heard, and work towards healing and growth.

Therapy Session
Kids Therapy

Child & Adolescent Therapy

We assist children as young as 2 years, adolescents, and teens with building self esteem, social emotional development, and implementing coping skills that make the difference in their everyday lives. We are experienced in working with youth who are struggling  with issues such as, ADHD, anxiety, depression, OCD, autism, identity, and behavioral challenges.

Family Therapy

Our Family Therapy sessions help develop health communication skills as well as a better understanding of family members’ thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Skilled family therapists will assist you in implementing positive changes to improve your family dynamic.

Kids Therapy
ADHD Testing

ADHD Testing For 5 Years Through Adults

Our experienced team of psychologists utilizes a variety of assessment tools and techniques to accurately diagnose ADHD in children, adolescents, and adults. Through thorough evaluation, we aim to provide tailored recommendations and strategies to help individuals manage symptoms and thrive in their daily lives. Our compassionate and supportive approach ensures that each individual receives personalized care and support throughout the testing process. 

Therapeutic Modalities

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Solution Focused Therapy

Motivational Interviewing

Person-Centered Therapy

Play Therapy




Equine Assisted Therapy

Canine Assisted Therapy

Benefits of Counseling Services

Reduce Anxiety & Stress

Trauma Resolution

Better Relationships

Develop Assertiveness

Greater Self-Confidence

Establish Boundaries

Stress Relief

Regain Emotional Balance

Improve Communication & Interpersonal Skills

Greater Self Acceptance

Improve Self-Esteem

Create New Empowering Habits

Insurances Accepted